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How can Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy help me?

Most of us experience various ups and downs in our lives. It is quite common for one in four of us to have a significant emotional problem or mental health issue. This might include feelings of stress or depression, the ending of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, feelings of emptiness or loss of direction.

We offer a talking therapy which rather than trying to get rid of the problem allows you to come to understand the experiences which have shaped your life, and are affecting your ability to deal with your current difficulties.

This understanding in the therapeutic setting, and in the relationship with your psychotherapist enables you to change the way of dealing with your difficulty. It also helps you to change how you understand, and manage other aspects of your life in a deeper and more fulfilling way.

The Irish Psychoanalytic Clinic which has been in operation since 1993 was developed by the Irish Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, a training body which offers a comprehensive psychoanalytic psychotherapy training of the highest standard. The clinical component is considered an integral part of the psychoanalytic psychotherapy training offered by the Institute and the clinic provides senior trainees an opportunity to provide a high quality psychotherapeutic experience to the general public. Trainees work under the supervision of the Institute's training staff who are accredited supervisors and members of the IFPP and/or the ICP.

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